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IJaitra is a fashion e-tailer devoted to elevating style and self-perception. IJaitra's creations have juxtaposed elements of minimalism and grandeur, Western and Indian Silhouettes, traditional motifs, modern drapes and feminine form.

IJaitra is intensely concerned with design as an art form. Any product of IJaitra is handcrafted to perfection. We are recognised for meticulous attention to detail. IJaitra is known to infuse traditional aesthetics with modern design.Our influences are wide and varied. From the village crafts and traditional methods of design that India is so rich in, to the transient phenomenon of the sub continent's urban landscape, IJaitra tries bringing them to life in its own spectacular way. 

IJaitra's range of western and Indian apparel is all about traditions and individual talent. While IJaitra's forte lies in traditional Indian clothes that draw heavily on the textile and embroidery heritage of India, it has evolved into the other styles as well to meet the changing needs with the usage of a wide range of western silhouettes mingled with Indian styles.

IJaitra is working towards the handcrafted traditions of India, and seeks to review, sustain and empower heirloom traditions from across India and fashion them into contemporary tales. IJaitra consistently works towards embracing change, redefining fashion, setting trends and making a difference.

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The Art of Embroidery has been prevalent from time immemorial. It finds its traces from the Ancient Greek Mythology. Even today it finds its presence in creating lush and royal art and is one of the hottest fashion trends.

Have a sneak-peak at IJaitra's Embroidery collection comprising the various arts of India..

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